Traditional Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Fairfield

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Traditional Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Design and Build in Fairfield

Traditional Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Design and Build in Fairfield

Created and built in the sunny Fairfield, CA, this traditional wood burning fireplace is the ultimate outdoor living space.

Here at Custom Image Hardscape, we’re a company that designs and builds fireplaces, fire pits, sitting benches, outdoor kitchens and more.

For this homeowner’s unique perceptive, the company focused on being fireplace builders.

A couple of features included in this custom fireside, built into the luxury outdoor space are; concrete caps, flagstone caps, LED lighting, sitting bench, Sydney Peak natural ledge stone, built-in 110 GFI Weatherproof Outlets, and the additional sitting bench.

This specific traditional wood burning fireplace features Sidney Peak natural ledge stone.

The elegant use of the Sydney Peak natural ledge stone really gives this traditional wood burning fireplace a spark and personality while maintaining its elegant look.

A Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace, Perfect For Cool California Nights

Perfect for cool nights in Fairfield, this traditional wood burning fireplace is the product of the homeowners’ tasteful vision for their luxury outdoor space.

The Sydney Peak natural ledge stone feature is gorgeous, but it isn’t the only impressive feature nor material used.

This specific project used both flagstone caps and concrete caps on the traditional wood burning fireplace. The mix of both materials is unique and gives definition to the custom fireside.

Some projects created by Custom Image Hardscape only feature one cap or stone. This Fairfield custom fireside, however, contains both concrete caps and flagstone caps.

The homeowners’ vision was unique and here at Custom Image Hardscape, we were able to fulfill their needs and wants.

Enjoy the View From Either of the Natural Ledge Stone Seating Benches

Another impressive feature is the attached sitting bench. The flawless edition of the sitting bench is impressive next to the wood burning fireplace.

The sitting bench is created with the same exact materials as the wood burning fireplace keeping the theme relevant for both pieces.

The Sidney Peak natural ledge stone is beautifully put together for the fireplace and the accompanying sitting bench.

The spacious sitting bench is a very comfortable and enjoyable way to enjoy the wood burning fireplace.

Not only will the homeowner be able to roast marshmallows, but there are also many options for cooking with a wood burning fireplace.

In order to create more of an impressive look, this project also utilizes LED lighting installed on the traditional wood burning fireplace.

LED Lighting Throughout The Wood Burning Fireplace Experience

The LED lighting is placed in varying areas to really highlight the beauty and impressiveness of this custom fireside. A couple of places that the lighting has been added are the two side columns in the middle of the fireplace area.

These lights are near the fireplace entrance where are the fire would be on emphasizing the traditional wood burning feature.

Another impressive feature in this wood burning fireplace is the built-in 110 GFI weatherproof Outlets.

These Outlets are made from high-quality materials that ensure safety when using the outlets outdoor.

This project was completed using the homeowners and clients feedback and our many years of valuable experience. We serve homeowners in Fairfield, but also in Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, and the greater Sacramento area.

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