El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen Roseville

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El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen With Fire Magic Appliances Designed in Roseville

El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed in Roseville

This project is an El Dorado Stone outdoor kitchen designed in Roseville, California; specifically, in an area called Morgan Creek.

Designed and built by Custom Image Hardscape, we have taken the homeowners’ requests and vision into consideration while building and designing this beautiful El Dorado stone outdoor kitchen.

We are outdoor kitchen builders located in the Sacramento area that design many different pieces for luxury outdoor spaces.

El Dorado Stone is commonly and mainly found in the Sacramento area. We manipulated and used this El Dorado Stone by incorporating it to the design of the outdoor kitchen.

The El Dorado Stone comes in many different sizes and shapes which we used to manipulate the look of this luxurious outdoor space.

This luxury outdoor space was designed and built with a modern and bold tone. The bold tone is showcased with the unique the El Dorado Stone is placed throughout this breathtaking outdoor kitchen. It is placed sporadically and uses different lengths and widths of the stone.

A Fire Magic Equipped Luxury Outdoor Kitchen and Seating Bar

El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed in Roseville

Incorporated into the stone are appliances created and produced by the company Fire Magic equipment.

This equipment company has been around for over 70 years and has quality experience working with outdoor kitchen appliances.

The use of Fire Magic equipment is impressive as it is a high-end and high-quality brand that truly recognizes the need for using stainless steel equipment that can withstand being outside.

Some of the appliances used are a refrigerator, an AOG Grille, and underneath the AOG Grille a storage space.

The refrigerator is fitting for summer hot days as it can be used to store liquids, refreshments, and more.

The AOG Grille is also super convenient for this El Dorado Stone outdoor kitchen because of how glossy and gorgeous it looks in between the traditional looking stone and the poured-in-place concrete countertops.

The El Dorado Stone, however, is not the only material used in the construction of this stunning outdoor kitchen.

This luxury outdoor space in Roseville also uses poured-in-place concrete countertops. These countertops are made from concrete to ensure stability in this luxurious and bold kitchen.

The poured-in-place concrete countertops are a lighter color. The use of a lighter color for the concrete countertop is intelligent because of the heat and sunny weather that is common in Roseville.

The use of lighter colors is convenient because not only does it give the outdoor kitchen a modern look but it allows the countertop to be cooler rather on those sunny beautiful days.

This El Dorado Stone outdoor kitchen is wonderful to be used on summer days where homeowners’ may use the built-in barbecue and grille.

The seating bars also convenient and useful for the homeowners’ and their guests’ needs.

Our clients, the homeowners’, can enjoy sitting on a comfortable and cool seating bar where food and games can be placed.

A Spacious Outdoor Kitchen With a Touch of Elegance

If there are guests over this is also convenient because the cook and the guests can all mingle without overcrowding the kitchen area.

There is also LED lighting installed throughout the outdoor kitchen to illuminate the homeowners’ spacious seating bar.

The spacious seating bar also uses poured-in-place concrete countertops for ease-of-use.

Another wonderful feature of this El Dorado Stone outdoor kitchen is the built-in 110 GFI weatherproof Outlets.

There are multiple built-in 110 GFI waterproof outlets scattered throughout this gorgeous stone outdoor kitchen.

This feature is useful and nice to have. Not only are the weatherproof outlets safe from rain, but they are also full of convenience.

These outlets can be used to plug in radios, speakers, additional appliances and more.

All in all this project is a beautiful kitchen which the homeowner was able to customize as they seemed fit.

With many beautiful accents and smaller details, the El Dorado stone outdoor kitchen designed in Roseville is one-of-a-kind and uniquely reflects the homeowners’ style and taste.

Custom Image Hardscape wants to bring your ideas and Visions to life with their many years of expertise.

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