El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen Design and Build Loomis

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El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen And Fire Pit Build In Loomis

El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen And Fire Pit Build In Loomis 

Built and designed in Loomis, California, this El Dorado stone outdoor kitchen is absolutely beautiful.

The use of the El Dorado Stone and poured-in-place concrete countertops are both functional and attractive to the eyes.

This outdoor kitchen is also equipped with an accompanying fire pit. The kitchen, however, uses poured-in-place concrete countertops while the fire pit does not.

This El Dorado Stone outdoor kitchen is elegant in design and uses a variety of different colors to emphasize the sophisticated tone of this custom-made outdoor space.

This luxurious outdoor space includes custom stone tiling of different sizes, shapes, and widths. While some of the stones pop out more, others are chipped and are not as dominant as the other stones.

The diversity and variety of the stones used really emphasize the uniqueness and edgy-ness of this outdoor kitchen design.

These Loomis homeowners customized their custom outdoor space, with the expertise and skill of Custom Image Hardscape, to fulfill their vision.

The sophisticated nature of this outdoor kitchen located in Loomis, California, is emphasized in our use of poured-in-place concrete countertops.

A Spacious Poured-In-Place Countertop Design and Layout

El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen And Fire Pit Build In Loomis 

The poured-in-place concrete countertops are smooth and easy to use. Rather than being harsh and rough, the countertops are flat and level. And it’s a perfect place for dishes, food, drinks, games, and more.

The color has a cooler tone which contrasts greatly on the yellow painted finish under the countertops. The contrast emphasizes the sophisticated and modern look of this outdoor kitchen.

There are more amazing kitchen functions and features such as the seating bar, spacious kitchen appliances and more.

This seating bar is spacious and convenient for relaxing days when the homeowners’ have family or friends over.

And it’s an easy clean up for your outdoor dining experience!

Easy Outdoor Kitchen Clean Up With High-End Fire Magic Equipment

This fully functioning outdoor kitchen includes a sink, a refrigerator, a trash pullout, doors and drawers, and a spacious, multi-functional built-in grill.

In addition, these appliances are produced and manufactured by Fire Magic equipment.

Fire Magic is a well-known company that produces high-quality stainless steel applications that are usable for the outdoors.

These appliances are both easy to use and gorgeous against the El Dorado Stone.

The contrast in the earthy and rough texture of the stones and the sleek and silver appliances is appealing to the eyes.

While this El Dorado Stone outdoor kitchen is impressive and absolutely beautiful, there is another attachment to this custom outdoor space.

And a Custom Outdoor Fire Pit and Seating Ledge To Match

El Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen And Fire Pit Build In Loomis 

Very close to the outdoor kitchen is a fire pit.

Known for being a firepit builder company, Custom Image Hardscape specializes in creating and designing beautiful fire pits and fully functioning outdoor kitchens.

In this project, we have designed and built a fire pit. This fire pit uses natural gas with custom fire glass rather than wood.

For the actual design, we used smooth trowel concrete to construct the natural gas fire pit with El Dorado Stone throughout.

The lighter color chosen for the fire pit against the colorful tile makes the fire pit truly stand out.

The purposeful manipulation of colors ensures that the two custom-made outdoor pieces are uniform and also unique.

Homeowners’ can start the day by cooking and dining in a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen and end the day relaxing by the natural gas custom fire pit.

Custom Image Hardscape is one of the top outdoor fireplace and kitchen builders in the Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, and Sacramento area.

Call us today to turn your vision of outdoor living into a reality!

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