Stone Options for Outdoor Kitchens

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Stone Work Options for Outdoor Kitchens

Different Stone Work Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Sacramento

At Custom Image Hardscapes/ Outdoor Kitchens Sacramento, many of our outdoor kitchen feature custom stone work underneath the counter tops. This makes for a beautiful and extremely durable design that is classic and long-lasting, and will look beautiful for as long as the outdoor kitchen lasts (which should be pretty much forever). But of course, there are as many different color themes for houses as there are people with imagination and ideas about how to decorate, and you want your outdoor kitchen to complement and enhance your Sacramento, CA home, not detract from it. As a result, many customers ask us about the different options they have for stone work designs for their outdoor kitchens.

  • Natural sandstone: For an old-fashioned look, natural sandstone is a popular choice. Many of our customers choose designs with large blocks of sandstone to mimic the look of charming 1920s bungalow homes. Unfortunately, colors tend to be rather limited with regards to this particular design, since the sandstone itself is often tan with an orange tinge and it is rare to find it with significantly different shades. Therefore the popularity of this design is based on an appreciation of the properties of these local stones more than a desire to match the houses to which they belong precisely. That being said, natural sandstone outdoor kitchens do complement adobe style houses remarkably well, and also blend well with many different home color schemes.
  • Custom color designs: Another option that you have as a Sacramento, CA homeowner is to select your stone work for your outdoor kitchen with the color scheme of your home in mind. If color is more important to you than type of stone, we can design an outdoor kitchen with an extremely interesting stone work pattern by combining different kinds of stone and different shades of your desired colors. This method lends depth and sophistication to your design while also making the outdoor kitchen versatile enough to look great even if you decide to redecorate.
  • Rustic effects: If you are going for a rustic effect in your Sacramento, CA outdoor kitchen, natural stone is an excellent way to get the look you want. At Custom Image Hardscapes, our designers and craftsmen work with clients who want all kinds of different looks and effects, and we can assure you that you will be delighted with how your outdoor kitchen looks.
  • Classic designs: You can look at our gallery to see designs that we have done for other delighted clients. If you find one that you love, let us know. We should be able to recreate it, as long as our source for that particular stone has not dried up. Or if you find one that you really like but want to tweak and make your own, let us know that too! Our design experts are passionate about working with customers to create designs and effects that exactly match our customers’ dreams and desires. So let us make your dreams come true for you. Contact Custom Image Hardscapes today to find out what we can do to get your ideal outdoor kitchen installed right to your Sacramento, CA back yard!
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