Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Re-imagined Meadow Vista

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Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build Designed in Meadow Vista

Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build Designed in Meadow Vista

This natural ledge stone custom outdoor kitchen is located in Meadow Vista, California.

The design and execution of this outdoor kitchen were absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

Combining functionality with beauty, this natural ledge stone outdoor kitchen comes fully equipped with everything needed to cook and enjoy the outside.

There are many different details and smaller ideas that go above and beyond in this beautiful custom outdoor kitchen.

The style of this outdoor kitchen is modern and warm, inviting homeowners’ and guests to relax.

Some features include; the use of natural ledge stone panels, the alfresco gas pizza oven, and the natural flagstone floor.

Rather than using cement for the custom outdoor kitchen, we decided to use a natural ledge stone.

This natural ledge stone gives the exterior of the kitchen a beautiful and modern look.

The different shapes and sizes of the natural ledge stone establish a unique texture and edge towards the outdoor kitchen. The natural ledge stone panel, however, is not the only material used to construct this absolutely stunning luxurious space.

Poured-in-place concrete countertops were installed to create an air of a modern feel.

The countertops are located around the pizza oven and the appliances. There is also an island in the middle that has a custom cut out perfect for television.

A Built-in Island With a Cut-out For Your Flat Screen TV

Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build Designed in Meadow Vista

This island in the middle uses the same design and material for the countertops surrounding the appliances.

At Custom Image Hardscape, we strive to customize outdoor kitchens based on the homeowners’ needs and requests.

This stunning, refreshing, and relaxing outdoor kitchen was reimagined in Meadow Vista, California.

This natural ledge stone custom outdoor kitchen is convenient and easy to use.

Unlike some custom outdoor kitchens, this one comes with a fully equipped kitchen including an impressive alfresco gas pizza oven.

Some more appliances installed in this gorgeous kitchen are; doors and drawers, a warming drawer, a trash pullout, a power burner, a Memphis 40 inch Bluetooth controlled smoker, a refrigerator, and a sink.

This reimagined outdoor kitchen is customized to be modern and full of technology.

This outdoor kitchen is shielded by a panel, protecting it from direct sunlight. This feature is perfect for keeping cool on a sunny day. And it helps to extend the life of your outdoor kitchen with weathering protection.

This outdoor kitchen is a full kitchen that comes with a variety of different appliances produced by Fire Magic equipment.

A Luxury, Modernized Outdoor Kitchen Build With Fire Magic Functionality

Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build Designed in Meadow Vista

Fire Magic equipment is a well-known manufacturer and producer of high-end, top-quality outdoor kitchen appliances.

The appliances used in this project contain stainless steel and are all produced with high-quality materials to fit in with this high-end outdoor kitchen.

The seating bar is spacious and built throughout this outdoor kitchen design.

This small, but fantastic feature allows these Meadow Vista homeowners’ to enjoy their deluxe outdoor space even after the sun has set.

Our top priority is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their custom made outdoor living space.

Another wonderful feature is the natural flagstone floor. The natural flagstone floor is a darker earthy color that matches with the modern style used throughout this custom outdoor kitchen.

A minor feature is the built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets. While this feature may seem minor in comparison to the extravagant pizza oven and the high-end appliances, the weatherproof outlet is a convenient addition.

Finding a reasonable outdoor kitchen builder can be difficult. But, here at Custom Image Hardscape, we provide high-end luxury outdoor living environments guaranteed by our many years of experience.

Just like in this home was reimagined an extravagant outdoor kitchen, we can use your vision and wants to create an impressive and beautiful outdoor kitchen in the Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, and the Sacramento area.

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