Outdoor Pizza Oven Kitchen

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Achieve Top Chef Status with an Outdoor Pizza Oven Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven

For being one of America’s most beloved foods, the perfect pizza is elusive and difficult to accomplish. It’s not just about the ingredients. It’s also about how the pizza is cooked. Households all across the country are in the habit of popping a pizza into a conventional oven, and then when they go out to eat pizza at a restaurant they wonder why they are never able to get that magical, authentic, crispy yet doughy crust and spectacularly browned cheese that their favorite bistro serves with ease.

The secret is that it’s all in the pizza oven

Traditional pizza is made in a wood fired oven, usually with two layers. In the first layer, you build up your fire. The first layer vents to the second layer from the back, and the second layer is where you put your pizza. This lets you get the amazing taste of a wood fired pizza crust, as we’ll as the spectacular and unique texture of food that has been baked in a clay oven heated to a higher temperature than is even possible in most indoor ovens.

Gourmet pizza at home

If you have resigned yourself to never having gourmet pizza at home that is as good as the pizza at your favorite Italian bistro, it is time to open your eyes up again to the realm of possibility. You can have the magical taste of authentic wood fired pizza right at home, every day if you want it, with an outdoor pizza oven kitchen in your Sacramento backyard.

Here at Custom Image Hardscapes, we don’t just believe in great outdoor design. We also believe in great outdoor food. Every part of our outdoor kitchens is designed to make it easy to create delicious meals. This goes for our pizza ovens too.

As much as DIY website’s like to say that you can make a rustic wood burning oven without any specialized knowledge at all, a wood burning oven that can turn out gorgeous artisanal pizzas is much more of a work of art than a bunch of mud globbed into a beehive shape and then left to dry. These are no rustic DIY natural ovens; tthey are gorgeous additions to your backyard landscape that also have been expertly designed to cook thee perfect pizza. Build up the fire, let it burn for long enough to get the oven really nice and hot, and then pop your pizza in. You will be able to taste the difference with your first bite!

From the heat transfer to the venting method, our outdoor pizza ovens at Custom Image Hardscapes are designed with gourmet cooking in mind. With one of our pizza ovens, you won’t just be impressing your friends and family with a beautiful addition to your backyard; you will also be cooking gourmet food that will amaze them and make them swear you’ve been to culinary school!

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kitchens in Sacramento

Of course, actually putting the pizza in the oven is only part of the equation, no matter how amazing the oven is. There’s also the whole issue of food prep, and frankly it is not fun to be stuck inside doing food prep while your friends, family, and guests are outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. That is why we have outdoor kitchens that specifically go with our outdoor pizza ovens. You will be able to chop your food, toss your pizza crust, spread your pizza sauce, and even sautéed your garlic without even having to pause in your conversation. Pop your pizza in the oven and wait until the smell is strong and wonderful, and buon appetitto!

Our outdoor pizza oven kitchens are fully customizable to meet your specific food and entertainment needs. Are cold drinks very important to you? You won’t want to miss out on an outdoor refrigerator. Do you want to be able to do all your cleanup before you go inside? An outdoor sink is going to be a must have. Do you like to spread out and use a bunch of space when making food? You will love our generous extended counter sizes. No matter what you find indispensable in a good kitchen, you can get it in an outdoor pizza oven kitchen with Custom Image Hardscapes.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kitchens for Every Budget

We help people with all sizes of budgets achieve the kitchens of their dreams every day. Call us today for a free estimate, and get started on your new outdoor pizza oven kitchen in your Sacramento backyard right away!

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