Custom High-Low Concrete Countertop Outdoor Kitchen


El Dorado Natural Ledge Stone Vanier Design with high-low concrete countertops

This outdoor kitchen might be small and cozy, but is still a perfect place to get together with friends and family to cook up a delicious barbecue and enjoy the beautiful out of doors. This is an example of what you can do in terms of an outdoor kitchen if you have limited space, and the fact is, this outdoor kitchen is one that many homeowners would be proud to have, regardless of how large or small their patio is. So if you’ve been thinking of getting an outdoor kitchen but are afraid that your yard or patio isn’t big enough for one, take this project as an example of just how much you can get done in a small space!

Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Used

  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment
  • 42″ Lyon Grill with Rotisserie
  • Doors and Drawers
  • Refrigerator

Materials Used in this Outdoor Kitchen

  • Custom Masonry Built
  • El Dorado Natural Ledge Stone Vanier
  • High-Low Concrete Countertops
  • High-End Low Voltage System

With a relatively small amount of counter space and one grill right in the middle of the kitchen, this area is compact and extremely efficient in terms of space used. On the other side of the cooking space is a bar area where people can sit on tall chairs or bar stools and spend time with you while you cook up something delicious. And all of this happens just under an extended awning connected to the house roof. The rest of the yard is left open for guests to lounge or for children to play, making this an extremely livable and versatile space for any size of family.

When it comes to setting up a patio or an outdoor kitchen, it is just as important that you get a setup that will work for your lifestyle as that you get one that will work for the space you have available. At Custom Image Hardscapes, we specialize in helping you come up with the perfect design for your outdoor kitchen, and we will work with you to find out exactly what elements are most important for you. Give us a call – who knows? We may help you come up with a design that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself, but that is absolutely perfect for your home and family.

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Luxury Outdoor Living Sacramento


  • Concrete Countertops
  • Custom High-Low Poured in place
  • Custom Masonry Built
  • Seating Bar
  • El Dorado Stone Vanier
  • High-End Low Voltage System

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