Outdoor Kitchens El Dorado Hills

Outdoor Kitchen El Dorado Hills, CA

Outdoor Kitchen El Dorado Hills, CA

Top Rated Outdoor Kitchen contractor El Dorado Hills

Outdoor Kitchens of El Dorado Hills provides the highest-level of personal service and integrity in the custom and luxury kitchen building industry for years. An expert in the industry and an in-house company, your custom outdoor kitchen building experience is seamless and enjoyable. As the top rated Outdoor Kitchen contractor El Dorado Hills, we eliminate the need for sub-contractors which ensures projects are on-time and within budget. kitchen, pool and spa designs are customized, making every backyard unique and extraordinary to the customer’s preferences. Our experience, the array of selections we offer, and the personal service makes our company the choice for all your outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace and overall landscape needs. Outdoor kitchens of El Dorado Hills are certified kitchen contractors and ready to take on any project that you have in mind!

Professional crew of outdoor kitchen contractors in El Dorado Hills

The first and most important step in starting you outdoor kitchen project is finding an experienced and reputable Outdoor Kitchens in El Dorado Hills. Be sure to find Outdoor Kitchen Contractors who are licensed and have been in business for many years. Choosing the right outdoor kitchen design is also a very important factor when choosing a outdoor Kitchen contractor. There are a number of kitchen designs to choose from, so when you are deciding on which to go with make sure the Outdoor Kitchen contractor has many different styles and designs to choose from.

Pre-Fabricated Vs. Custom Built Outdoor Kitchens

* Custom Built are better and Last longer, Higher quality

When looking for outdoor kitchens, one of the biggest choices people have to make, and one of the ones people often have the most questions about, is the choice between pre-fabricated and custom built outdoor kitchens. There are pros and cons to both, of course, so we will try to simplify the matter for you here.

  • Pre-fab kitchens: Pre-fab outdoor kitchens are often a bit cheaper than custom built kitchens, and they are usually very fast to install. CONS: being cheaper, they are often made of lower quality materials. They will start to look shabby relatively quickly and will need to be replaced long before a custom built kitchen even starts to show its age. Also, you are stuck with the designs listed and cannot have a custom design to fit your one of a kind home.
  • Custom built outdoor kitchens: Custom built kitchens are usually made with much higher quality materials than pre-fabricated kitchens. They will last much longer, being made with solid materials and without corners being cut. They do tend to be more expensive than pre-fabricated outdoor kitchens, but once you take into consideration how much better they look and how much longer they last, they more than pay for themselves the moment you don’t have to replace them and you would have to replace a pre-fab model.

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