Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Design Rancho Murrieta

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Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed to Entertain in Rancho Murrieta

Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed to Entertain in Rancho Murrieta

This project was customized with the homeowners’ request to entertain in Rancho Murrieta, CA.

Custom Image Hardscapes main focus is to incorporate our clients’ requests and needs. We want our customers and homeowners’ to love their outdoor space as much as we do!

This custom-built natural ledge stone outdoor kitchen was designed to entertain by providing wine, dining, and unwinding in Rancho Murrieta.

This fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is impressive by design and absolutely beautiful to look at.

Built with natural ledge stone, this outdoor kitchen utilizes many different colors, shapes, and sizes of the natural ledge stone for a luxurious look.

This custom-made outdoor kitchen is traditional at heart. The colors of the natural ledge stone have an overall warm tone with many different shades of red, orange, white, and brown.

The unique color contrast emphasizes the traditional state of this outdoor kitchen and highlights the beauty.

Instead of using the rocky, hard, and rough exterior of the natural ledge stone, we chose to use a poured-in-place concrete countertop. The countertops are smooth and contrast a lot against the rocky and texturized natural ledge stone.

A Modern, clean Finish To the Roomy High-Low Countertop Design

Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed to Entertain in Rancho Murrieta

The poured-in-place concrete countertops are gorgeous and flawless. And they are made so that the edges are smooth and have a nice, clean look.

Here at, Custom Image Hardscape, we strive and hope to be able to communicate and build an outdoor kitchen that displays the vision of the homeowners’.

In this case, the homeowners’, living in the Rancho Murrieta area, designed this outdoor kitchen to entertain.

As a great fireplace builder, we have learned how to create other outdoor kitchen sets such as; fire pits, pizza ovens, fully equipped kitchens, exteriors, tile floors and more.

For this outdoor kitchen, we also built and designed a seating bar.

This seating bar is slightly elevated and uses the same poured-in-place concrete countertops.

The slight elevation is wonderful as the guests and the homeowners’ alike can use the seating bar to relax and enjoy themselves on a sunny morning or a cool evening. This design was created with a focus on the factor of entertainment.

A couple of different appliances include doors and drawers, a trash pullout, a refrigerator, and a grill.

This custom outdoor kitchen comes fully equipped and is perfect to use for dining and unwinding.

A Fire Magic Appliance Equipped Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Is a Must

Natural Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed to Entertain in Rancho Murrieta

This outdoor kitchen contains a small refrigerator that is compact in size and is in between the natural ledge stone and under the poured-in-place concrete countertops.

Equipped with Fire Magic appliances, the built-in drawers and cabinets offer a ton of storage. Some ideas for storage include pots, pants, cooling instruments, knives, and wine.

Because the purpose of this custom outdoor space is for entertainment, having the typical kitchen appliances and features, like the pullout trash, makes it easy for cleaning up and cooking up a late summer night BBQ.

This natural ledge stone outdoor kitchen also contains built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets.

A place of entertainment must have music! These Rancho Murieta homeowners’ can plug in their speakers and phones to add to their entertainment with these outlets, keeping the energy going.

In order to illuminate the custom outdoor space, we have installed LED lighting spread out through the entire seating bar.

Custom Image Hardscape serves the Roseville, Rocklin, Fairfield, El Dorado Hills, and the greater Sacramento area as one of the top fireplace and outdoor kitchen builders around. Contact us to get your outdoor living space in the works today!

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