Outdoor Kitchen With Wood Fired Pizza Oven Sloughhouse, CA

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Outdoor Pizza Oven Masonry Design

Custom Onyx Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Forno Bravo Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Located in Sloughhouse, CA, this Onyx stone outdoor kitchen features a Forno Bravo wood fired pizza oven.

Here at, Custom Image Hardscape, we are a team outdoor kitchen builders of Sacramento.

Some of these cities and locations include; Rocklin, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, Loomis, and Sloughhouse. This specific project was located in Sloughhouse, California.

This custom-made and modern Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven lives in the heart of Sloughhouse, California.

While it is impressive enough that the kitchen contains a Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven, the outdoor kitchen also contains more impressive features.

The Modern, Contemporary Look Of the Onyx Stone Outdoor Kitchen

Some of these features include the use of Onyx stone. The Onyx stone is a beautiful touch to the modern and contemporary look of this Onyx Stone Outdoor Kitchen.

Another stone feature is the use of an acrylic smooth imperfect stucco. It gives a beautiful finish to the outdoor Onyx stone kitchen.

While they appear to be made out of wood, they are actually poured-in-place radius concrete countertops. This is one of our many options of countertop designs and layouts available. The shapes of the countertops vary depending on where the countertop is installed.

This cylinder style poured in place seating bar uses the Onyx Stone as a focal point in the design similar to other custom stone seating bars we have built in the past.

The Onyx stone kitchen is located underneath an alumawood patio cover. The installation of the Alumawood Patio Cover is stunning and favorable for those hot summer Sloughhouse days. With a custom patio cover, you are sure to enjoy beautiful summer mornings in the shade.

An Outdoor Living Space Meets Impressive Luxury Kitchen Features

Outdoor Pizza Oven Masonry Design

Through the use of the structure protecting the Onyx stone kitchen and Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven, we added in two ceiling fans.

The addition of the ceiling fans is a wonderful touch to this luxurious outdoor space.

A couple of different Fire Magic equipment appliances used: doors and drawers, a refrigerator, a kegerator, a sink, and trash pull out.

Fire Magic equipment is a top-quality outdoor kitchen appliance brand that’ll last for decades to come.

These appliances are manufactured and produced by a company that has decades of years of valuable experience with outdoor kitchens.

To power these appliances, we added built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets throughout the entire onyx stone kitchen. Rather than having to run inside to charge electronics, just use the built-in weatherproof outlets.

Let Their Be LED Lighting… And Wood Fired Pizza

Outdoor Pizza Oven Masonry Design

Just like many of the projects created by Custom Image Hardscape we have utilized LED lighting.

The LED lighting used throughout the Onyx stone kitchen really emphasizes and highlights the beauty and impressiveness of the homeowners’ unique design.

It also illuminates the Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven along with the poured-in-place concrete countertops.

The Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven is truly phenomenal and a highlight of this project.

While we are the preferred fireplace and outdoor kitchen builders of Sacramento, and we can build pizza ovens, too.

In this project, we have built a deluxe Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven, in the heart of Sloughhouse, California

The entire Onyx stone kitchen with the additional Forno Bravo wood-fired pizza oven is perfect for parties, get-togethers, and summer days and nights.

For another idea on custom built outdoor pizza ovens, check out this recent Forno Bravo kitchen project we built in Sacramento.

The combination of our clients specific wants and our many years in expertise created this stunning project. We also serve homeowners in the Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, and the Fairfield area.

Contact us today to get started on your custom design and build of your outdoor living space!

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