Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pit, Kitchen and Bar in Roseville

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Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pit, Kitchen and Bar in Roseville

Natural Gas Outdoor Fire Pit, Kitchen and Bar Designed For This Waterfront Roseville Home

This custom luxury outdoor space is equipped with a natural gas fire pit and sitting bench.

This project not only contains a natural gas fire pit and sitting bench but also a complete modern styled outdoor kitchen.

In addition to the gorgeous kitchen, we have built an accompanying outdoor bar.

The fire pit has many different features including LED lighting, custom modern dark stone tile, a sitting bench with smooth trowel concrete, an ice bowl and a natural gas fire pit.

Some of the glorious kitchen features include; poured-in-place square edge concrete countertops, built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets, modern smoke tile with stainless steel and stainless joints, ice maker, sink, stainless refrigerator, Fire magic appliances, AOG Grille, and LED lighting.

Located in Morgan Creek – Roseville, this luxurious outdoor kitchen and bar are captivating and amazing.

The design of this luxury outdoor kitchen and bar is both modern and chic. The exciting tone of this beautiful outdoor space is shown through our diverse use of materials.

This Roseville luxury outdoor kitchen space is exciting and perfect for homeowners’ to enjoy summertime barbecues and parties, and equipped for easy outdoor kitchen cleanup.

The First Feature: Natural Gas Fire Pit

This fire pit is made with custom modern dark stone tile.

This natural gas fire pit uses different stones of two contrasting colors that capture guests attention easily. Not only does this fire pit work on natural gas but it also includes a sitting bench with a smooth trowel concrete ice Bowl.

The additional sitting bench to the natural gas fire pit is convenient because of the decision to create a backrest. The luxurious space is comfortable to rest on after a long day at work or on a cool evening with friends.

The use of the ice bowl gives this fire pit many different purposes. With the additional kitchen and bar, the ice bowl completes the modern and chic look of the Roseville luxury outdoor kitchen.

The combination of all these features gives the homeowners’ a perfect place to host a party.

Another feature in the natural gas fire pit is the use of LED lighting.

The use of LED lighting is great for a summer night when more light is needed. It can be used with the fire pit on or off. Here at, Custom Image Hardscape, we’re your outdoor kitchen and fire pit builders.

We have created over a dozen different products and projects for homeowners in the Sacramento area, including, Roseville.

The Second Feature: Luxurious Outdoor Kitchen with a Bar

Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pit, Kitchen and Bar in Roseville

Accompanying the fire pit, there is an outdoor kitchen with a bar.

The outdoor kitchen has poured-in-place square edge concrete countertops. These countertops are useful to use and even in distribution. The countertops at the bar to have a variance in height for use of dividing food and drinks is a great option in countertop design and layout.

The countertops used for both the bar and the outdoor kitchen match in color and tone creating a look of uniformity. This natural gas fire pit also has the same stone tile color that contrasts the dark stone tile.

This kitchen comes with built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets.

These weatherproof outlets are convenient and safe to use regardless of the weather in Roseville. Thriving in a digital age, homeowners and guests alike will enjoy these outlets.

The tile on the outdoor kitchen floor is a modern smoke tile created with stainless steel and stainless joints.

The smoke tile has a shine and brings out the beauty of the outdoor kitchen against the custom modern dark stone tile used for the natural gas fire pit and the luxurious outdoor kitchen and bar.

Fire Magic Equipped Luxury Kitchen in Roseville

In this outdoor kitchen, we have also installed many different pieces of equipment needed for a luxury outdoor space.

Not only are we a company known for being fire pit builders but we also design and build outdoor kitchens. A very important feature of this Roseville outdoor kitchen is that this kitchen is fully equipped.

Some of the kitchen appliances located within the kitchen and bar are; a sink, an ice maker, a stainless steel refrigerator, and an AOG Grille. The kitchen equipment is fire magic stainless steel and are of high quality.

These appliances can withstand rain and shine just like the built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets!

If you have any questions or project ideas, feel free to contact us and give us a call.

We work in the greater Sacramento Area creating luxurious high-quality outdoor kitchen spaces and would be happy to work with you. We also cater to homeowners in Roseville, Rocklin, and the El Dorado Hills area, who are looking for a top-quality custom outdoor space.

And we’re proud to be one of the best outdoor fireplace and kitchen builders in the Northern California area.

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