Natural Gas Outdoor Fire Pit and Kitchen in El Dorado Hills

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Natural Gas Outdoor Fire Pit and Luxury Stone Kitchen in El Dorado Hills

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace Design in El Dorado Hills

Located in El Dorado Hills, California, this project contains both a natural gas fire pit and a luxury stone outdoor kitchen.

This luxury stone outdoor kitchen was customized to the El Dorado Hills homeowners’ needs and requests. And made for the perfect for a summer barbecue with friends and family.

This natural gas fire pit features a sitting bench that is both comfortable and convenient for the homeowners’. The natural gas fire pit is created using smooth trowel concrete.

Smooth trowel concrete is high quality and regarded as one of the best concrete to use when building a natural gas fire pit. To keep uniformity, the sitting bench also uses smooth trowel concrete.

This is convenient because the smooth trowel concrete on the sitting bench is even and comfortable to use for sitting. The color painted on the sitting bench is light; which is great to have because of the hot weather in El Dorado Hills.

Rather than the sitting bench being too hot to sit and use, the light coloring of the smooth trowel concrete instead, is cooler to the touch.

The sitting bench not only uses concrete on the top but uses custom modern wood stone tile on the sides.

The custom modern wood stone tile used is also used in the outdoor kitchen in this El Dorado Hills outdoor space. This uniformity of color and material creates a sophisticated tone in this luxury stone outdoor kitchen.

One more stunning feature of the firepit includes installed LED lighting.

LED Lighting and Natural Gas Fire Pit To Keep The Party Going

This LED lighting highlights and emphasizes the luxurious outdoor space. It also entertains the use of the luxury outdoor space with or without the natural gas fire pit on.

Here at, Custom Image Hardscape, we pride ourselves and our work in outdoor kitchens and fire pit building.

We are a hard working company that uses high-quality materials and truly listens to our customers’ concerns and requests. We want all of the homeowners’ to feel as if they are in a safe and comfortable outdoor space.

In the elegant city of El Dorado Hills, this outdoor kitchen was built on a beautiful and stunning space.

Some of the custom features include built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets.

The use of these outlets is for safety and entertainment purposes. Homeowners’ and their guests can have fun outside in either rain or sunshine with these weatherproof outlets.

This, however, is not the only impressive kitchen feature, we have also installed a stainless steel BBQ, a stainless steel refrigerator, and an installed green egg smoker built into the poured-in-place square edge concrete countertop. These high-quality and safe appliances are Fire Magic equipment.

Fire Magic Equipped Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ, and Egg Smoker

Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace Design in El Dorado Hills

Fire magic equipment is an appliance brand that has been around for decades with exceptional customer reviews.

Poured-in-square edge concrete countertops is also a convenient choice in both durability and aesthetic reasons. They are durable and strong, meaning these countertops can survive for many years.

This luxurious stone outdoor kitchen uses the same custom modern wood stone tile that the natural gas fire pit uses.

This custom modern wood stone tile is well suited for the modern and light look of this luxury stone outdoor kitchen.

The use of a custom modern wood stone tile is intelligent. While the tile is not actually made out of wood, it does resemble its appearance.

If it were made out of wood then the structure and sturdiness would not be as strong as tiling is.

Because it is a custom modern wood stone tile it will last a long time rather than wearing down with rain and weather.

We serve the greater Sacramento area, including Roseville, and the Rocklin area as the quality outdoor fireplace and kitchen builder that homeowners trust to capture their unique taste and vision for the ultimate, all-inclusive outdoor living space.

Contact Custom Image Hardscape today to get started on your dream outdoor kitchen, fireplace, or decking.

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