Luxury Outdoor Living and Seating Area

Luxury Outdoor Living and Seating Area

Sydney Peek Natural Ledge Stone Hardscape Design Fireplace & Luxury Outdoor Living and Seating Area

Many people don’t think of a backyard as somewhere where you can relax in armchairs and enjoy the crackling of wood in a fireplace. This is something that happens in living rooms, not on patios. And thee idea of putting a piece of artwork above the mantelpiece outside might seem as strange as hanging Christmas stockings outside. But that is exactly what you could do with this Sydney Peek Natural Ledge Stone Hardscape Design Fireplace and Luxury Outdoor Living and Seating Area. You and your guests or family members can warm your toes up at a merrily crackling fire and wrap your hands around mugs full of hot chocolate while enjoying the brisk breeze and looking up at the moon from the comfort of your own backyard. Christmas stockings are not included.

If your idea of outdoor life involves having all the luxuries and amenities of a beautiful home along with all the beautiful scenery and fresh air of the great out of doors, you are not alone. Sacramento, CA is a great place for this sort of outdoor living area because the weather is comfortable enough to be outdoors for most of the year. The only time when it is not pleasant to be outside is in the dead of winter, which is the reason for having a gorgeous luxury outdoor fireplace as well. It is not such a hassle to put on a jacket to go outside in December when you have a warm and inviting fire to curl up next to. In fact, for many people, this is the only way to enjoy a fireplace, since it is not often cold enough to have a fire indoors. When you live somewhere that doesn’t get five feet of snow, you make whatever concessions are necessary to get the comforts of cozy wintertime living, and an outdoor fireplace is the perfect solution.

Here at Custom Image Hardscape, we specialize in turning your Sacramento, CA backyard into the perfect wonderland for you to enjoy all year round. We will lay your patio and walkways, build gorgeous retaining walls and dividing walls, and install your beautiful outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen. When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor living area, Custom Image Hardscape is the perfect source for you. Give us a call today for your free estimate and to start talking with us about your own luxury outdoor living paradise!

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Luxury Outdoor Living Sacramento


  • Concrete Design
  • Custom High-Low Poured in place
  • Custom Masonry Built
  • Seating Area Options
  • Wide Variety of Stone Options
  • High-End Low Voltage System
  • Built-In Gas Fireplace
  • Built-In Gas Firepit
  • Brick Fireplace Design
  • Flagstone Fireplace Design
  • Stone Fireplace Design
  • Oval Shape Design
  • Round Shape Design
  • Chimney Fireplace Design
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Infrared Burner Options

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