Flagstone Hardscape Designed Fireplace & Spa

Outdoor Fireplace with Spa

Absolutely Stunning outdoor fireplace and spa

Custom flagstone design and hardscape designed fireplace allows for extra comfort and a beautiful design.

If you want cozy luxury, this is the design for you. With this stunning hardscape, you have a hot tub or spa right next to a beautiful open fireplace. You can enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire while soothing your tired bones in your piping hot spa, and watching the steam escape into the chilly air during a winter evening. Even in the summer, it cools off enough most evenings in Sacramento for you to enjoy the cheery crackling of a fire in your fireplace. The extended built in bench around both the spa and the fireplace mean that there is plenty of seating for you, your family members, your friends, or any other guests you might invite into your home and your backyard.

What is hardscaping? The word is an offshoot of “landscaping.” If landscaping has to do with plants and dirt and other things related to the land, hardscaping is the same design concept, but with things that are hard. So hardscaping will include things like your patio, your walkways, your retaining walls, and your porch. Basically, it is everything that is made out of concrete or stone.

At Custom Image Hardscape, we do a lot of work with both concrete and stone, as you can see with this gorgeous setup. Many customers want designs that are made from local rocks and stones because of the earthy, down home look that you get from local rock. With this design, we used a custom flagstone installation to give the solidity of a concrete floor along with the charm and beauty of a natural stone installation. The custom stone walls and fireplace also contribute to making the design gorgeously natural.

An outdoor fireplace might seem like an unlikely thing to include in a hardscape or a backyard design. Fireplaces are something people think of more often as being inside a home rather than out in the backyard. After all, if you were going to have a fire outside, wouldn’t you opt for something that was a little more open and similar to a camp fire? Wouldn’t you choose, say, a fire pit instead?

And, of course, many people do opt for a fire pit. It’s a terribly useful and convenient thing to have in your backyard. But a fireplace has its own benefits too. You can roast marshmallows just as easily in an outdoor fireplace as you can in a fire pit. The walls of the fireplace help to protect your surrounding plants, and even people, from sparks if the wood pops. Not setting your plants or mulch on fire is an important consideration, especially in areas like Sacramento that have had a drought for so long.

Most importantly, an outdoor fireplace gives a cozy, welcoming ambience. It makes your backyard feel more like a living room. You’re that much more likely to go outside and curl up on your outdoor furniture if the space feels cozy and inviting. After all, it hardly ever gets cold enough to build a fire in an indoor fireplace in Sacramento. You might as well take advantage of our brisk outdoor weather, especially during the cool season, with a blazing fire in your outdoor fireplace from Custom Image Hardscape.

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  • High-End Low Voltage System
  • Built-In Gas Fireplace
  • Built-In Gas Firepit
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