Outdoor Pool Deck, BBQ and Natural Gas Fireplace in El Dorado Hills

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Travertine Stone Outdoor Pool Deck, BBQ and Natural Gas Fireplace in El Dorado Hills

Travertine Stone Pool Deck, BBQ and Natural Gas Fireplace El Dorado Hills

Located in El Dorado Hills, California, this project is captivating and breathtaking.

This travertine stone pool deck comes with a barbecue and a natural gas fireplace.

Perfect for summer days, this gorgeous pool deck has double bullnose radius travertine brick caps, LED lighting, and more.

This beautiful warm weather is the main reason the homeowner chose to build a pool deck in their home.

While some homeowners’ enjoy a classical or antique look, this El Dorado Hills homeowner wanted a more modern and current style.

This travertine stone pool decking is smooth to the touch and absolutely magnificent in color.

The travertine stone used comes in various different shades of white and cream giving the outdoor space a more modern look. This project is not only a pool deck but also contains a one-of-a-kind, custom outdoor kitchen design.

Built-in Travertine Stone Spa and Pool Deck Design

Travertine Stone Pool Deck, BBQ and Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplace El Dorado Hills

This beautiful outdoor kitchen and barbecue utilize fire magic equipment. The compact size of the fire magic stainless steel equipment is convenient and useful for the homeowners’ outdoor needs.

This kitchen space also uses smooth stone that’s perfect placement gives off a contemporary feeling.

Not only is the stone used smoothly in touch, but the placement is perfectly aligned, focusing the attention on the comfortable sitting benches attached to the fireplace.

Not only are we fireplace builders but we are also outdoor kitchen builders that customize projects to include the homeowners’ vision.

Here at, Custom Image Hardscape, we try and use local products and stones from the greater Sacramento area to incorporate into the homeowners’ design.

This design has LED lights installed in various locations. The natural gas fireplace and barbecue use LED lighting to highlight the wonderful look of this luxurious outdoor space.

The LED lighting is placed in a couple of different places including; above the fireplace entrance, under the fireplace entrance and on the sitting bench.

An Outdoor Kitchen and Fireplace For This Outdoor Living Space

Travertine Stone Pool Deck, BBQ and Natural Gas Fireplace El Dorado Hills

The sitting bench is convenient and comfortable for both the homeowners’ and their guests.

Rather than just creating a regular fireplace, we have built a custom luxurious fireplace that comes with a sitting area. This sitting area also has a backrest for additional comfort.

This seating bench accompanied with the backrest is perfect for the homeowners’ and their guests. They can use this convenient feature to relax and enjoy the fireplace while being at a safe distance.

This feature can also be used by the homeowner in the day time.

The sitting bench may be used by the homeowners’ as a relaxing and refreshing sitting area after some time in their glamorous pool under the sunny rays of El Dorado Hills.

This sitting bench is also roomy and can fit a good amount of people on both sides of this natural gas fireplace.

Although the natural gas fireplace accompanied by the additional outdoor stainless equipment is impressive, the travertine stone pool deck is just as amazing.

The stone pool deck is a custom poolside deck that was created and designed using the homeowners’ unique vision for their luxurious outdoor space.

This travertine stone pool deck is convenient to use. The smooth stone tiles that are comfortable and cool to step on and appreciated by the homeowners’.

A Chic, Modern finish For This El Dorado Hills Home

The bullnose travertine caps on the pool deck create a modern and chic finish for this elegant outdoor living space.

We, here at Custom Image Hardscape, create a calming and gorgeous environment for every client and their specific wants and needs.

This project is unique to this El Dorado Hills home. Something that we rely on and emphasize on is convenience.

This pool deck has built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets that are perfect to use for charging phones and their accessories.

With the use of the 110 GFI weatherproof outlets, there is more room for fun and less room for worry.

Custom Image Hardscape is proud to serve the El Dorado Hills homeowners as one of the top custom outdoor fireplace and fire pit builders in the local Northern California area, including SacramentoRosevilleFolsom, and Rocklin.

Building custom luxury outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, or poolside decking are a few other projects we cater to the local community.

We are a company that focuses on customizing fire pits with the homeowners’ unique design. If interested in a one of a kind luxurious feel free to contact us!

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