Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplace For Rocklin Home

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Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplace Design For Luxury Outdoor Space in Rocklin

Natural Gas Outdoor Fireplace Design For Luxury Outdoor Space in Rocklin

Located in Rocklin, California, this custom fireside is both modern and beautiful.

This fireplace was made for natural gas in a luxury outdoor space. The custom fireside is a wonderful addition to their outdoor space.

This fireplace is glamorous and works well with the homeowner’s outdoor space. Their fireplace was created using high quality, durable materials.

These materials include; 110 GFI weatherproof outlets, a sitting bench, natural ledge stone, concrete caps, LED lighting, and acrylic stucco. Our company specializes in customized outdoor firesides and custom fireplaces.

If you are ever interested or have any questions please feel free to contact us at Custom Image Hardscape.

With the seasons changing, and summer slowly coming around, the craving and want for a natural gas fireplace in a luxurious outdoor space is increasing.

In Rocklin, the weather at night tends to cool down and having a natural gas fireplace is convenient and useful for those chilly nights.

This custom fireside is open and gives a sense of serenity. This homeowners’ fireplace is not closed off and instead open leading into their luxurious outdoor space. The modern style of this natural gas fireplace is seen through the impeccable use of natural ledge stone.

Through the use of natural ledge stone, the fireplace looks modern, refreshing, and brand new.

Here, the homeowner wanted to add an additional outdoor piece and chose to use us, Custom Image Hardscape, as fireplace builders.

Unwind By the Many Built-in Sitting Benches Along the Fireside

This project uses smooth concrete caps to highlight the modern look the homeowner had envisioned.

The concrete caps are smooth and delicate, perfect to be used for a comfortable sitting area.

Just like all of our products and projects at Custom Image Hardscape, this project was customized by the homeowner.

One very impressive feature of this natural gas fireplace is the sitting bench. The sitting bench is connected to the fireplace for convenience. The addition of this sitting bench sets a modern tone to the outdoor space.

The outdoor sitting bench is created using concrete caps and is finished with an elegant white paint that makes the natural ledge stone pop against the brighter colored stones.

The different neutral and natural earthy tones of the ledge stone really invite homeowners’ and their guests to a wonderful and relaxing time.

The variety of tones gives the custom fireside more definition.

Using the natural ledge stone to provide depth and shape for the custom fireside really shows the uniqueness of the homeowners luxury outdoor space.

The sitting bench utilizes the same ledge stone creating an aesthetically pleasing look of uniformity. This useful feature is perfect for those who would rather sit and relax by the fire then use it to cook.

It is also a continent for evenings and days where guests come over. This addition of the sitting bench allows everyone to feel comfortable while enjoying the beautiful outdoor space.

A Modern, Clean Ledge Stone Finish With LED Lighting and Weatherproof Outlets

While the custom fireside is impressive by itself, the additional sitting bench using the smooth concrete caps as a seat is just that stunning.

Another gorgeous addition is the built-in LED lighting with durability, impressive brightness, and weatherproofing features. The LED lights are scattered around the natural gas fireplace in an alluring way. These LED lights last a long time and increase the modern feel of the fireplace.

Just like many projects, this fireplace does have built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets that’ll last for years to come.

This project also uses acrylic stucco. Acrylic stucco is a combination of acrylic paint and stucco.

Stucco is a natural cement product and the acrylics are a paint that hardens while the color is drying to the final hardened state. The use of the stucco acrylic is impressive because of the gorgeous finishes allowed because of the stucco acrylic.

This allows the fireplace and additional sitting bench’s color to last longer against the possible harsh weather.

While this project was located in Rocklin, California, we do specialize in creating and designing artistic and luxurious outdoor spaces in the greater Sacramento Area, including Roseville and El Dorado Hills.

Using products local to this area, we strive to create customized fire sets for everyone. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor living space creation!

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