Custom Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build in Rocklin

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Custom Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build For This Elegant Rocklin HomeEl Dorado Stone Outdoor Kitchen Designed in Roseville

Located in the beautiful and sunny Rocklin, California, this custom-made stone outdoor kitchen captures everyone’s attention with its unique and modern style.

Designed and built by, Custom Image Hardscape, this project was created using El Dorado Stone and poured-in-place concrete countertops.

El Dorado Stone is mainly located in the Sacramento area and is local to California.

Here at, Custom Image Hardscape, not only do we strive to use local products, but we also create and design outdoor kitchens that are perfect for all of our homeowners’ special needs.

In this project, the El Dorado Stones used are a light color. They range from white to orange to cream and are placed throughout this custom outdoor kitchen.

Choosing countertops to match the look and functionality the homeowner envisions is a key part of our outdoor kitchen design and build process.

Pristine El Dorado Stone Detailing The L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Custom Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build in Rocklin

This custom stone outdoor kitchen was created in a luxury outdoor space and is built right in front of a garden of greenery.

Rather than shave down the El Dorado Stone, we chose to use the El Dorado Stones many shapes and sizes in order to create definition, depth, and enticing details.

The contrast in colors really draws attention to the impeccably made custom stone outdoor kitchen built in Rocklin, California.

While the use of El Dorado Stone is impressive, we have also used poured-in-place concrete for countertops.

These countertops are similar in color to the El Dorado Stones and are smooth to the touch.

The use of a similar warm color is a gorgeous addition to this custom-made outdoor.

The use of this poured-in-concrete is important because the use of the material is smart. Otherwise, if it were placed in as one solid piece, it would easily wear down and break over time.

Built-in Functionality with Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Custom Stone Outdoor Kitchen Build in Rocklin

Amongst the El Dorado Stone and under the poured-in-place concrete countertops are Fire Magic equipment appliances. Some of these appliances include an AOG Grille, a refrigerator, and a sink.

These are the perfect essential appliances installed to make the kitchen fully functional. Because we have extensive experience as outdoor kitchen builders, we use Fire Magic equipment.

Fire Magic equipment are known to be impeccably made, high-quality appliances. These appliances are able to be used outside and are mainly made of stainless steel.

The AOG grill can be used for cooking and grilling food regardless of the time.

LED Lighting Throughout This Outdoor Kitchen Build

This luxury outdoor space also comes with LED lighting. The LED lighting is placed all around the custom stone outdoor kitchen and illuminates the impressive seating bar.

In addition to the lighting and grill, the seating bar is also an impressively unique piece for this outdoor kitchen.

These Rocklin homeowners’ wanted something comfortable and yet stylish. And we, here at Custom Image Hardscape, were able to provide just that.

The seating bar is a relaxed and refreshing area where homeowners’ and guests can sit back and just enjoy.

It’s also made with the same materials for a clean, modern overall look. This spacious area that can be used night or day with the use of the LED lights. Not to mention the built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets.

This small touch of installing weatherproof outlets turn this luxurious outdoor kitchen into an even more relaxing space.

Homeowners’ and guests can enjoy a delicious barbecue while using technology without fear of their charge dying. These outlets are also weatherproof.

Rain and shine these Rocklin homeowners’ will enjoy their outdoor space.

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