Custom Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen Built With Design in Loomis

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Custom Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen Built With Design in Loomis

Custom Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen Built With Design in Loomis

Custom Image Hardscape is the designer and builder for this custom stone outdoor kitchen project in Loomis, CA.

As one of the top outdoor kitchen and fireplace builders, we proudly serve the greater Sacramento area, including RosevilleRocklinEl Dorado Hills, Davis, and Loomis.

For this Loomis home, the homeowners were looking for an outdoor space that utilized a custom cultured stone from one of the many options of stones we offer for an outdoor kitchen design.

This artfully built outdoor kitchen also incorporates poured-in-place concrete countertops.

The luxurious outdoor combined with the modern and traditional outdoor kitchen creates an air of relaxation and relief.

The color choice in both the custom cultured stone and the poured-in-place concrete countertops make a great difference against the green natural background.

The traditional style of this design also incorporates the use of custom cultured stone uniquely placed for an imperfect finished look.

The palette of these custom cultured stones is a blend of white and gray that are unique from the color of the countertops.

The intelligent use of vibrant light colors is breathtaking.

It is also extremely useful because, in Loomis, California, the weather tends to be very hot and sunny.

Built-in Functionality of Fire Magic Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Custom Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen Built With Design in Loomis

Rather than having dark tiles and stone, the stone and the concrete countertops are light colors and reflect the lights leaving the counters cool to the touch.

The benefit of using light-colored stones, especially in the local area of Loomis, is so that countertop surfaces stay cool to the touch all through the hot summer months. And for cold nights and winter days, this durable stone material will last for years to come.

This outdoor kitchen was designed with the functionality of entertaining and cooking outdoors.

With our countless years of expertise and experience, we are a wonderful choice for your next custom outdoor kitchen.

Another great feature is the built-in green egg smoker on the poured-in-place countertops.

 Classic outdoor kitchen design with a spectacular view and top-quality appliances

Custom Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen Built With Design in Loomis

This green egg smoker is brilliant and created from high-quality materials. It is useful for charring and grilling food on beautiful sunny days.

While our custom cultured stone outdoor kitchen is not a large size, the outdoor kitchen still has equipment and appliances attached and built-in.

Some of these built-in features include; a green egg smoker, doors and drawers, and the sink by Fire Magic, a premium line of outdoor kitchen appliances.

Fire Magic equipment is a producer and manufacturer of outdoor kitchen sets that have been around since 1937. They have an enormous amount of experience creating and producing appliances and equipment for outdoor kitchens.

Not to mention, the addition of a built-in Fire Magic green egg smoker, useful for summer BBQ’s.

LED Lighting For Late Night Cooking and Endless Hours of Entertainment

Custom Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen Built With Design in Loomis

Rather than having to run into your home while having guests over, the homeowners’ and guests can just wash their hands in the outdoor kitchen sink.

Located in the lovely Loomis, California, this project has built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets. Built-in 110 GFI weatherproof outlets are more durable and longer-lasting compared to traditional outlets.

They can be used to charge the homeowners’ cell phone, tablet and as a plug-in for additional appliances or lights.

This custom outdoor kitchen also comes equipped with LED lighting.

This LED lighting shines onto the countertops and illuminates the different features located in this custom cultured stone outdoor kitchen.

For cool summer nights with friends and family, the homeowners’ can now use their customized outdoor kitchen with the use of the LED Illuminating lights.

Contact us today to get started on your outdoor kitchen or fireplace design and build you have been dreaming of.

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