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Modern Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit, and Poolside Deck build in Plymouth

Modern Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit, and Poolside Deck build in Plymouth

This custom outdoor space is equipped with three different amazing features.

The very first one is a fully functional outdoor modern kitchen. This fully functional modern kitchen is customized with modern ledge stone tile and poured-in-place square edge concrete countertops.

The use of custom modern ledge stone tile is impressive and unique.

Rather than using El Dorado stone, we chose to use modern ledge stone tile. Modern ledge stone tile is even in distribution and smooth to the touch.

This modern looking outdoor space was created by choosing a leveled and smoothed down the stone. If we had chosen to use a rougher exterior stone then the style of the outdoor kitchen would morph to traditional.

Located in Plymouth, California, this project was built and designed by us at, Custom Image Hardscape.

We, in this company, are known as fireplace builders.

While we are good at building fireplaces, we also create and design a variety of different customizable outdoor living sets such as; fire pits, pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, pool decks and more.

In this modern outdoor kitchen, the poured-in-place square edge concrete countertops are a similar color to the tile floor the outdoor kitchen was built on. This uniformity is pleasing to the eye.

While the luxurious outdoor space contains three different pieces, they are all uniform and complete the modern style.

The Impressive Features of the Outdoor Kitchen Fire Magic Appliances

Another impressive feature is the use of Fire Magic equipment.

These appliances are built into the stone kitchen. The modern ledge stone colors are in gray tones and are beautiful against the Fire Magic equipment.

These appliances come from Fire Magic equipment company are produced with high-quality materials. Some of the equipment are drawers, storage, and a stainless steel refrigerator.

The drawers located underneath the countertops are spacious and perfect for storing pots, pans, spatulas and more. The stainless steel refrigerator, while compact, can hold lots of items and fits perfectly in the space under the poured-in-cement countertop.

Although the refrigerator is composed of stainless steel, the color and design of the compact refrigerator is a light color.

The refrigerator appears to be made out of wood, adding to the modern style of the homeowners’ outdoor space.

This contrast against the heavier looking modern ledge stone emphasizes the unique appearance of this outdoor kitchen.

Another built-in feature is a green egg smoker which is located in the very middle of the customized modern ledge stone tile kitchen. Perfect for grilling and cooking, this green egg smoker was conveniently installed on top of the kitchen.

A Spacious Outdoor Fire Pit To Crowd Around on Summer Nights

Modern Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit, and Poolside Deck build in Plymouth

Built-in 110 GFI weatherproof were also installed into this outdoor Plymouth kitchen.

Perfect for homeowners’ and guests alike, these outlets can be used in both rain and sunshine as they are weatherproof and easily winterize for long-lasting quality.

Although the outdoor kitchen is impressive by itself, the fire pit also shines in its own way.

The fire pit contains a natural gas fire pit with custom fire/lava rocks. The design is very similar to the ledge stone tile outdoor kitchen.

The firepit was built with custom-made modern stone tiles placed around the fire pit.

The smooth trowel concrete is used to create caps along the fire pit to ensure sturdiness amongst the fire pit. There are also smooth caps along the outdoor fire pit that surround the fire pit.

Inside of the firepit, the homeowner may be able to use natural gas in the form of lava rocks.

And an Outdoor In-ground Pool With Built-in Spa And Fountain Feature

Modern Ledge Stone Outdoor Kitchen, Fire Pit, and Poolside Deck build in Plymouth

The pool is another impressive and gorgeous feature of this custom outdoor space.

In the center of Plymouth, California this project contains a large rectangular looking pool with a small but wonderful waterfall.

This pool is composed of custom modern ledge stone tile.

This ledge stone tile is smooth to the touch and wraps around the pool feature.

The pool feature acts as a fountain, as seen in the picture. The middle top has an opening where the water flows down gracefully.

The Plymouth homeowners’ wanted a relaxing and modern twist on their luxury outdoor space. Although it may seem difficult trying to find a high-quality outdoor kitchen builder or a fire pit builder, here at Custom Image Hardscape, we have years of experience in the outdoor kitchen industry.

We also focus our attention on customizing outdoor kitchens and custom outdoor spaces with the help and feedback of homeowners in the Roseville, Rocklin, El Dorado Hills, and Sacramento area.

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