Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen in Roseville

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Cultured Stone Outdoor Kitchen with AOG Grill in Roseville

Cultured Stone Modern Outdoor Kitchen - Roseville

In the outdoor kitchen and luxury outdoor space industry there are many different types of outdoor kitchens.

Every company works with different mediums and builds different pieces for outdoor spaces. We are outdoor kitchen builders that create a variety of different pieces and sets per the homeowners’ needs.

Outdoor kitchens use a wide-variety of materials, whether it’s cement, wood, or tile. At Custom Image Hardscape, we use stone and tile to create beautiful luxury outdoor kitchen creations, including seating bar areas.

This project is a cultured stone outdoor kitchen that uses LED lighting to highlight the beauty and unique design the homeowners’ requested.

Our company works in the greater Sacramento area.

This specific project was created and built in Roseville, California. This outdoor kitchen space uses the cultured stone to create a luxurious and sophisticated feel.

The Sophisticated Cultured Stone Of This Outdoor Kitchen Build

The stones vary in color and size. But are all placed in a particular way that works well with this gorgeous outdoor kitchen. Rather than laying the cultured stone flat, we decided to use various different sizes.

The choice to use different sizes created a unique and modern, textured outdoor kitchen. The texturization of the cultured stone is a bold and vibrant look that changes the tone of the luxurious outdoor space.

The color of these stones is also impressive as they vary in color.

The colors are both light and dark shades of cream and grey. The placement of these stones is very specific.

Our outdoor kitchen designs are all unique in their stone color, size, and material to ensure every build is as unique and exclusive as the home it’s built for.

Long-term use and weatherproof durability is our goal and our specialty for creating an outdoor kitchen or bar.

Another wonderful feature that this cultured stone outdoor kitchen includes, is the poured-in-place concrete countertops.

These concrete countertops are a dark color that gives this outdoor kitchen a more modern and yet artistic feel. The color is a grand contrast against the backsplash of the cultured stone.

Poured-in-Place Countertops With Built-in Fire Magic Equipment

Because the cultured stone varies in color, the difference in the concrete countertop and cultured stone is dramatic but striking. The use of poured-in-concrete countertops is great not only because of aesthetic reasons but because of stability.

To prevent wear and breakage, we poured in the concrete countertops to firmly attach and harden to the cultured stone.

Under these concrete countertops is Fire Magic equipment.

In this outdoor kitchen, located in Roseville, is an AOG Grill, a refrigerator, a kegerator, a door drawer combo, and a rotisserie. The AOG Grill is perfectly placed and installed for use.

This grill can be used for parties and get-togethers on hot summer days for easy, efficient cleanup with top-of-the-line stainless steel kitchen equipment.

The stainless steel equipment makes cleaning easy, which is perfect for those lazier days when all the homeowner wants to do is relax. This impressive cultured stone outdoor kitchen has a door drawer combo located under the AOG Grille. The design is stunning as the door drawer combo is located in the middle of the cultured stone.

The use of door drawer combo is unique and convenient as you can use the door drawer combo for storage for many different cooking supplies and tools.

Relax By the Outdoor Seating Bar Built Into The Kitchen

The seating bar is another outdoor kitchen feature that is both convenient and adds another level of functionality to this outdoor space design.

This feature of the cultured stone outdoor kitchen brings comfort into this bold and beautiful design. The seating bar is nice to have to be able to communicate with friends and family as the homeowner cook.

This luxurious and daring outdoor kitchen was designed for this wonderful Rocklin home.

Another truly breathtaking feature is the grandeur stone backsplash. Here, it’s meshed with the impeccable design of the cultured stone outdoor kitchen.

An amazing little detail is a choice of using LED lighting throughout the outdoor kitchen for those long summer nights or warm winter sunsets.

This Rocklin homeowner’s goal was a bold and beautiful outdoor kitchen to enjoy, and that’s what we provided.

We serve the Greater Sacramento area, Rocklin, Roseville, El Dorado Hills, including Sloughhouse and Loomis. We specialize in custom stone outdoor kitchens and we’re one of the top fireplace builders in the Northern California area.

Our clients depend on our attention to detail, eye for design, and expertise in building the ultimate outdoor living space.

Call us today to get started on your dream outdoor experience, whether it’s a fireplace, kitchen, pool decking, or bar. Custom Image Hardscape will make it happen!

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