Choosing Countertops for an Outdoor Kitchen

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How to choose countertops for your outdoor kitchen

When designing your outdoor kitchen, what are your options in countertops to install?

The countertops are the focal point of your whole outdoor kitchen.

It’s the surface where you’ll prepare and place the food you’ll be cooking. And they’re a part of the kitchen that’ll get every one of your guests’ attention.

So choose a countertop to “wow” them away!

Therefore it is very important to make sure that the countertops you pick are going to give you the look and functionality you want in your outdoor kitchen.

Choosing your countertop material

The first thing to choose is what kind of countertop material you want.

Natural stones such as granite are a very popular choice. A concrete countertop is another popular choice with a slightly lower price tag.

One of the things to consider when choosing the countertop material is how porous it is.

All natural stones are somewhat porous, which means that they must be sealed with a protectant, and that protectant needs to be re-applied regularly.

Otherwise, anything, from spills to rain, could stain your countertop.

If you choose a highly porous stone, you may want to consider a darker color so that it will not show stains as badly.

On the other hand, a very nonporous material can safely be ordered in a lighter color, as it’s less likely to stain and will be much easier to clean your outdoor kitchen.

Choosing Your Countertop Color

Obviously, the color you choose will depend on how porous the material is that you have selected for your countertop.

It will also depend on the look you want in your outdoor kitchen.

Whites and light grays look very beachy, and they also have a relaxed warmth about them.

Dark colors such as blacks, dark browns, and dark grays look sophisticated, strong, and somewhat masculine.

Beige and tan colors are the obvious choices if you are using a faux wood grain powder finish. And they’re also a great way to set off natural stone such as sandstone anywhere else in your outdoor kitchen.

Finding the Perfect Countertop Texture

Polished countertops are glossy. They are stylish and beautiful and are therefore very popular.

They do show scratches, though, which can result in an unsightly look.

Honed countertops are just as smooth as polished countertops, but they have a matte finish that does not show scratches as well.

Therefore they do a great job of combining style with functionality in a countertop you will enjoy using, not just looking at.

Rough countertops show the grain of the stone. They do not have the sleek sophistication of polished countertops but are perfect for a rugged, rustic looking outdoor kitchen.

Whatever type of countertop you choose, Custom Image Hardscapes has it in stock. Give Custom Image Hardscapes a call today!

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